The Story of a Passport

I hesitated to actually go through with this entry at the risk of seeming pretentious or boastful. But then I decided that as long as I’m dedicating myself to a travel-centered blog, it’s really only appropriate that I share this strange happening said travels (with a little help from page-hogging visas and complicated entry processes requiring more than one of them) have contributed to: the filling of my passport (less one itty bitty square). In six years, no less! Besides, I think there’s a kind of art and intrigue to the stamps and visas themselves. Roll tape.

(Oh, and I did walk myself through the thought process where I wondered if it was a good idea to post pictures of my passport on the internet, but at this point there are so many copies of this thing floating around Asia I figure that anything questionable that could happen would [and, in fact, may] have happened by now and it’s a risk I’m willing to take.)

ah, the title page in all my 18-year-old glory. where did those square earrings and that ac*lightning bolt*dc shirt go? the world may never know.

washington, dc: march 10, 2006; july 15, 2007; march 9, 2007; december 3, 2010; december 21, 2007. managua, nicaragua: march 3, 2006; march 2, 2007. madrid, spain: july 1, 2007.

first experience with a full-page visa (or 'visto,' as they apparently say over in italia). fall 2007.

seoul, korea: september 29, 2009 (entry); october 4, 2009 (departure). rome, italy: december 21, 2007. washington, dc: june 23, 2008.

off to china! as it does on the globe itself, china took up a lot of space in my passport.

shanghai, china: august 31, 2009 (entry); september 27, 2009 (departure); september 21, 2010 (departure). hong kong: september 27, 2009 (entry); september 29, 2009 (departure). and the last bit of empty space!

another big fat chinese visa (my work visa). shanghai, china: october 4, 2009. sadao, thailand: april 19, 2011; october 4, 2010. bangkok, thailand: september 21, 2010; march 30, 2011.

changloon, malaysia: april 19, 2011 (entry); april 21, 2011 (departure). washington, dc: may 31, 2011. madrid, spain: july 15, 2007. kathmandu, nepal: october 4, 2010 (entry); october 26, 2010 (departure).

chinese residence permit.

first thai non-b visa.

sadao, thailand: april 21, 2011 (entry); bangkok, thailand: may 30, 2011. thai re-entry permit (to allow me to leave and return without canceling my existing visa/work permit): may 30-june 8, 2011. and my favorite visa, the indian one, partially obscured by a stupid slip.

said slip. after finally securing a year-long visa in this country you're required to update your address and get your sheet stamped and changed every 90 days. if you're late it's meant to be 500 baht/day, but i was 5 days late last time, told the guy i was stupid and misread the slip, and he let it slide! and they say thais are always trying to screw you...

nearing the end... stamp for my one year visa. sadao, thailand: january 17, 2012 (departure); january 20, 2012 (entry). bangkok, thailand: june 8, 2011. weird sticker inserted in my passport last time i entered malaysia. changloon, malaysia: january 17, 2012 (entry); january 20, 2012 (departure).

and, finally, my latest non-b.

Anyway. Guess I won’t be going to Bali with my passport in such a state so it’s off to Bangkok with me next week to get more pages inserted. For the low, low price of $82… Oh well…

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  1. jeez that was tent full of pretentiousness, a boat full of boastful even.

    Hope you guys are doing well. Happy (Chinese) New Year. I can no longer bear looking at your and Wayne’s tropical adventures while I huddle inside as close to a heater as possible. I might try and make it down there in May. Until then, keep travelling.


    • haha oh no. i just read your chinese new year post and was reminded of the cold chinese winter. if it makes you feel any better we’ve been getting a lot of rain here as well? we’d love to see you in may! keep us posted!

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