Miscellaneous Photos

Well, as no “blog-worthy” events have happened in the past few weeks I guess I might as well seize this opportunity to share some of the odd photos I’ve collected lately that haven’t quite fit in any of the other posts.

at the park with our exceptionally long-tongued dog. there was supposed to be video to accompany this but youtube hates me right now.

workers building a tower.

students soaking up some sun with dark clouds on the horizon.

sleepy pup.

at a dinner at a coworker's house with a few students. my synopsis of the photo: "EVERYONE looks weird in this picture." true, no?


and how's this for exciting? a gorgeous, ripe tomato. our first! with more on the way. can't wait to devour it.

And, let’s see… in Life News we start Thai lessons tomorrow, we’ll start teaching adult classes for some of the Municipality employees next week (this was a bit of a dramatic happening at first but I think it’ll be okay in the end), I bucked up and attended my first yoga class in ages yesterday (though with the Thai and adult classes I’ll only be able to make it on Fridays… oh well), and we’re trying to teach Ollie to swim (so far this has involved pushing him into a pond and throwing him into a pond). So. Staying busy.

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