“Recipes” Update

Just a quick note that I’ve updated my “Recipes” page to include Wayne’s Seed Bread (as found on his blog). Since he’s really the master in the baking department (link overkill?) I felt I had no right to claim the loaf as my own but since he’s gone and put it out there I have no qualms about sharing since this easy-to-make and greatly satisfying creation has a place in every kitchen.

And just speaking of awesome things Wayne’s whipped up lately, please please please do yourselves a favor and give this Sesame Yogurt Pasta Salad recipe a shot. Don’t be overwhelmed by the ingredient list, even if you don’t have a number of the items. I promise you won’t be disappointed in finding uses for coriander, turmeric, or tahini! This was honestly one of the best lunches I’ve had in awhile. I’ll note that we didn’t use ravioli, as suggested in the recipe, but rather Thai rice vermicelli, and they were perfect. Do itttttt.

photo courtesy of 101cookbooks.com

And, for good measure, a photo of a cucumber fail:

silly cucumber tried to sneak through the cage... now who's laughing?

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