Friends in Town, Cashing in another Decade, and a Most Unconventional Taxi Ride

Since running into them/having a fun beach jam session in December on Koh Mook, we’ve been trying to arrange a weekend to have our friends Rich and Debbie come pay us a visit in dear old Thung Song. And since our mutual friend (through whom we met, actually) Emma was bidding farewell to her twenties this past weekend with a big bash, we decided the time had come. I’m pretty sure part of this mission was to have another guitar fest, albeit without beachy surroundings, and unfortunately that didn’t happen. Still, the weekend was a success on many other levels.

the lot of us at leela wadee, the restaurant where the night commenced. birthday girl's the blonde at center, i'm the androgynous head pulling a kissy face at the back.

emma takes the stage to assist montrey with 'hotel california'. (and vanilo does interpretive dance on the sideline.)

The thing is Wayne and I live a decent distance out of town. And not only is it impractical-bordering-on-impossible to put four people on one bike, we also knew that given the nature of the birthday bash there would probably be alcohol intake making it a bit irresponsible for any of us to attempt getting back home by bike. So we made the executive decision to leave the bike home, catch rides with others to the club, and secure motorbike taxis home.

convoy of farang on the way to the club!

Alas, when 2 am rolled around and we’d had all the movin’ and groovin’ we could handle, there was nary a motorbike taxi to be found! We walked to a main street, waited and looked around, and still the streets were deserted.

Deserted, that is, with the exception of a pickup truck doing what seemed to be a routine (though strangely houred) delivery. I got it in my head that this was our ticket home and so marched over to have a word with the driver (in what I’m sure was impeccable Thai). The driver himself didn’t actually seem too keen, but his friends and associates on the other end of the delivery seemed perfectly tickled at the idea of helping out some poor stranded farang. One lady even gave me a coconut– for free– when I expressed interest. (Though we still haven’t been able to open it…)

The one contingency seemed to be that the entire cache of vegetables needed to be unloaded. Rich gallantly stepped right in to assist on that front, and before we knew it there was an empty (albeit filthy) pickup bed ready and waiting for us. And before you go and get it in your head that I’ve made it a common practice to hop into any vehicle whose driver honks and whistles and am on a direct course towards having my organs harvested, I’ll have you know that first, Thung Song is a safe, small-town kind of place (aside from those alleged mafia men our former agent said would probably go after Wayne if we proceeded with our plans to leave the agency? Still no word from them yet; I’ll keep you updated); second, this is far from a common practice (though Wayne did give a monk a ride on the bike once); and third, I’ll admit it, if free coconuts are involved I’m most likely going to be down.

rich helping to unload.

almost finished.

staying classy.

protecting us, i guess. (and that's not rain... it's flecks of dirt. everywhere.)


full moon.

Anyway, the ol’ veg truck got us home just fine and though he didn’t request any money Debbie insisted on giving him 200 baht ($6.70) for his troubles.

The next day we’d hoped to go to a waterfall but again transportation proved problematic. We settled instead for the pool by our old place.

wayne chose to stay home but instructed us to take photos of how much fun we had, so. this is us having fun. in very stylish swimcaps.

And, as you might have guessed, Mister Ollie got tons of attention (even though his “demon claw,” as we’ve termed it, left Rich with a proper gash down his leg…).

dog on a chair.

heyyyy buddy!

he looks like a saint in a renaissance painting here, gazing towards the light.

Anyway, it was a very fun and eventful weekend.

This weekend (this evening, as it were) I’ll be heading to Bangkok to finally get those pages in my passport, and as a bonus I get to spend a few days with our long-lost friends Jack and Grace as they make their way to a new teaching assignment in Burma. More stories on the way, I’m sure!


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