Mattayom 2 Menagerie (et al)

I admitted when I first started working here at Thung Song Municipality High School back in November I admitted there was probably going to be “severe middle child syndrome.” I feel that in a way that has proven true… Looking back it seems like my time at Satree received far more blog attention.

But now that we’ve finished our actual teaching portion of the term (commencing what, at this point, looks like a three-week period of sitting around trying to look busy, though I’m sure we’ll be handed a task here and there to help the “looking busy” bit along) I suppose this is the perfect time to, like a proud mother hen, share some of the students’ work.

This is a post I’ve been gradually adding pictures to for awhile, beginning with the students’ animal haikus (hence the title of the post).

If you click the pictures they should enlarge and you might be able to actually read some of them? But just to highlight a few favorites (from three students who usually struggle quite a bit… I was so proud. Proud that they even handed in an assignment for once in their life…)

oh jame... guess you missed the 5/7/5 memo... "fish shing are pretty/i like fish shing because they are beautiful/fish shing can go to swim"

I think the next thing I’d loaded were some Valentine’s Day cards. Since we were doing our poetry unit I thought I’d have them write poems based off this love poem generator‘s offerings, and make cards out of them. Some of the lines were super sappy, and some of the students were really unwilling to write a love poem to someone of the opposite gender (even just hypothetically). In a country where “ladyboys” are an accepted third-gender (and it’s usually easy to see even in elementary school which boys are headed that route) I didn’t really want to be the prude farang teacher preaching a “no homo” agenda, but I also wanted to spare the kids any potential embarrassment. Girls would swear to me the cards were for their friends; one boy wouldn’t back down from the assertion that the card was for his father. I finally had to chalk it up to my failure as a teacher that they didn’t understand the blatant romantic undertones (OVERtones!) of the poem and back down from what was sure to be a losing battle.

ol' jome (not to be confused with the afore-mentioned 'jame,' whose work you'll re-encounter shortly) just wanted to make sure he had all his bases covered and included both a 'boy' and a 'girl' reference. maybe the card was for a ladyboy?

and the inside.

And that’s really all I had at the onset. But then, just in case you were going through poem-withdrawal after I bombarded you with them back in October, I figured I might as well share some of the poems I assigned as a group final project this time around. These kids are 2 years younger than the youngest kids I had doing them at Satree, so though still a bit rough around the edges (even with a bit of assistance from Teacher) I thought they did a pretty good job!

this one gets me so good. these kids had come to me, as i'd encouraged, so many times in the 2 class periods i'd given them to work on the projects, and their rough draft was a cute poem (with a proper rhyme scheme and good grammar) about their school. and then somehow their final project turned into this, with it's little tidbits on how many toilets there are and the naughty habits of their friends. excellent.

And now, even though the term is done and for all we know we’ll have a different office next term, in the 11th hour, thanks to all this gorgeous work from our students, our office had undergone a bit of a beautification process:

Alright… it’s 10:38 on Monday and this blog was the one thing on my agenda and now it’s done. What to do what to do…

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