Goin’ to Indonesia With an Achin’… in my Heaaaart

No, there’s no ache in the heart. Just tons of excitement. I guess I’m just channeling a bit of Zep after last night’s karaoke party. I just kind of wanted to give an announcement of our departure and kill time on our last day of “teaching”, but I guess I can also work in the fact that we had a little birthday party for Wayne last night at the nearby “Green Restaurant”. Or… “Pink Restaurant” as some people call it. Or… “Gan-Eng” or “Kan-Yeng” as it’s actually called. We’ve become friendly with the darling (and excellent English-speaking) owner, Villapa, and we’ve recently become aware that the upstairs room can be booked for karaoke sessions, so we did. Things got silly. This happened:

an intentional, emotional collapse whilst singing "zombie" with grace... similar to a dean-calonder-lip-syncing-andrea-bocelli's-"caruso"-circa-1997.

So did this:

at the command, "point to your name and look happy!" i'll include that no alcoholic beverages had been consumed before this photo. i realize it may sound like i'm being facetious, but i'm not.

the always-lovely villapa, eugene, grace, venice

i decided i needed a change and, inspired by pictures from 2008, decided to chop off my bangs (er, "fringe") about 2 hours before the party.

We also took Ollie to Nakhon Si Thammarat yesterday to an animal hospital that’s taken him for all of 1500 baht for 19 days! (That’s $50. I don’t know how I’ll ever live in a first world country again.) They seemed really nice and caring, but it was hard to say goodbye to the little guy! I hope he still loves us when we come back. Also there’s this amazing billboard I’ve admired every time I’ve gone to Nakhon, and since we were on the motorbike yesterday I was able to take pictures of it.

i think i want to paint a picture of it.

Okay, I think that’s the last of the updates! Not sure I’ll be posting from Indo but expect some excellent stories upon my return in 2 weeks. Stoked!


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