The Ubud Market

I must admit that these photos hit me with just the slightest degree of regret, but only in the most circumstantial of ways. After looking forward to a visit to the Ubud Market with great anticipation, we ended up buying next to nothing after deciding we’d come back to Ubud after a few days on Gili Trawangan. Better to see what was available on the other island, and also how much money we had left afterwards, first, right? Except… we got a bit stuck on Gili T and lost our shopping day. In the end it probably worked out because we didn’t exactly have a surplus of funds after the trip as it panned out, but there was an item or two I’d had my heart set on that I suppose will just have to wait until the next visit.

We have put together an unlikely team of misfits, and we’ve been training like crazy all summer. Yeah, it’s a motley crew that you’d think would never be able to win a single game. We had a kooky training period where it seemed like, it seemed like nothing was gonna go right. But, guys, somehow we made it to the finals.
So I say, when those anonymously evil campers from Tiger Claw get here, we give it our best shot, and we try to come from behind at the last minute with some weird trick play that we made up and we win the game.
What do you say, team?

it sounds like pretty well-worn territory.

that actually has nothing to do with the market; i just happened to see the little tykes playin some footie and never miss an opportunity to reference a moment in wet hot american summer.

also has nothing to do with the market, but seemed photoworthy. you see, i’d attempted to go to yoga that morning, only to find the class was canceled. so i wandered around town a bit and put the $10 initially set aside for yoga towards a new dress instead.

Okay now for market pictures really.

from the outside.

also not from the market: the lotus pond outside of white lotus– where we’d wanted to dine for wayne’s birthday, but had no reservations. notice the pretty pink one in bloom!

To put this day (morning, really) in context, it was our last full day. Wayne’s friend from London (plus his fiancée, her sister, and another friend) were arriving in Ubud as we meandered through the market, and after some tricky Facebook workings we were able to meet up with them for another tour that afternoon. The next day we all set off for Gili Trawangan to commence the Beach Holiday (read: scuba diving!) portion of the trip.

But in an attempt to not bombard with photos in a single post, and because I need to actually get a course design for last term ready to hand in (read: any amount of papers with anything written on them… we’re fairly certain no one actually reads what we’ve been giving them in exchange for salary each month, but it’s still of utmost importance that they get submitted) in order to get my moneyz for last month. So ta for now!

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