Snorkeling on Gili Trawangan

So teaching those ol’ coppers is taking up much more time than expected. On a good note, we got internet at home today (kind of… it seems something was less than ideal about our phone/DSL connection so the temporary fix has been to run a cable directly from the post outside, over our gate, through the living room window, clipped to the ceiling of the terrace with a clothes pin so Ollie won’t munch on it overnight. Endearingly ghetto, I like to think) so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on my posts more efficiently now (today marks exactly a month since our return and yes, I still have a long way to go). It doesn’t help that my computer itself is giving me a good degree of strife and so I’ve been unable to edit or upload any of the diving or biking pictures I wanted to.

Luckily Wayne’s dipped out of the house momentarily, giving me time to upload this video I’d been working on on his more reliable machine! Snorkeling on Gili Trawangan… a nice sneak peak, really… Just imagine what will come up in the diving photos! (Spoiler alert: No sea turtles or sting rays. But there are sea turtles and sting rays in this video!)

(Weeks-late edit: I know “Trawangan” is misspelt in the video, and I am humbled because of it.)


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