The Petronas Towers

In all their glory.

Thankfully, for everyone involved, there isn’t a whole lot of commentary necessary here. I have no shame in saying that the Towers were the thing I was most excited to see in KL, and that they didn’t disappoint in the least. We didn’t go up, but did see it fit to make our way there and allow them to bewitch us on both evenings we were there. Perfectly exquisite.

tower + amazing sign.

if only i’d had a better camera… the most mesmerizing flock of birds kept circling the tower. folks, this is what an almost-awesome picture looks like…


really lazy attempt to get a bit of the twin towers and the kl tower in one shot… taking a few steps backward might have improved this drastically haha.


Thought I’d seize this opportunity to share my favorite song about towers (though, admittedly not of the Asian variety): “The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead” by Final Fantasy (aka Owen Pallett). I love it for its uniqueness… the vocals, the strings (once a violinist, always a violinist, you know?), the hidden complexities behind a seemingly simple front. I’ve found myself with a probably monthly urge– nay, need– to listen to it in the seven-or-so years since first being introduced to it so I’ll do you all the same courtesy now:

I’ve included the album version because the audio quality is better, but for some mind-blowing use of loop pedals please do yourself a favor and check out the live version. Real talent– makes me wish I’d stuck with the whole violin thing!]


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